Evans Physical Therapy Announces Its New Grovetown Clinic & New ERW Brand Name

Grovetown, GA: ERWTM Physical Therapy (ERW), a private, outpatient orthopedic practice with locations in Evans and South Augusta, Georgia today announced the opening of its third physical therapy clinic.  The new clinic, located in Grovetown, GA at 5003 Steiner Way, Suite 2, Grovetown, GA 30813, continues the trend of state-of-the-art ERW Physical Therapy facilities serving growing local communities in Northeast Georgia.

The opening of the Grovetown location follows the opening of ERW’s second location, located in South Augusta, GA, in February of 2019.  “The opening of our South Augusta location was the first new addition to the ERW clinic portfolio since our founding in 2002.  The opportunity to open a third location in Grovetown this year further demonstrates our desire to support the health and wellness of communities in and around Northeast Georgia,” said Jason Lott, PT, Cert. DN, Founder of ERW Physical Therapy.

When asked about expanding his clinic footprint Jason credits his staff and the loyalty of his patients with the opportunity to do so. “We believe we have the best staff in the industry and are very grateful for the support of the communities in which we serve.  Our patients have made us a local destination for physical therapy, and we feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to caring for our patients.”  The Grovetown location will provide many of the services ERW Physical Therapy is known for, including orthopedic, neurological, and musculo-skeletal programs, in addition to pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, therapy for auto and work-related injuries, and sports-specific rehabilitation.

The opening of the Grovetown location also coincides with the introduction of the new ERW Physical Therapy brand.  Formally known as Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness, the new ERW Physical Therapy name is meant to establish a name that is less specific to a location such as Evans, Georgia, and instead presents a name that can represent the brand across a broad footprint of local communities.  “The opportunity to update our brand to a less location specific name means that our team is succeeding in our goal to serve communities beyond Evans, Georgia.  This is the realization of a long-term goal of ours, and our entire team is excited that we’ve reached this point in the evolution of our care model,” said Jason.

About ERW Physical Therapy:

ERWTM Physical Therapy (ERW) is a therapist-owned, private practice, outpatient physical therapy practice with three locations in Evans, South Augusta, and Grovetown, Georgia.  Established in 2002 and still operated by the founder, Jason Lott, PT, Cert. DN, ERW is the physical therapy provider of choice for many in the communities it serves.  The ERW team is comprised of therapists with training in diverse specialties, treating in best-in-class facilities, and deploying personalized treatment programs for every patient.  The ERW team has a deep and vested interest in the communities that it serves and is proud to partner with its patients to help them achieve their health and wellness objectives.

 More information about ERW Physical Therapy is available at www.erwpt.com.


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